Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain (Lifehacker)

... Caffeine's powers [are likened] to "putting a block of wood under one of the brain's primary brake pedals."

It's an apt metaphor, because it spells out that caffeine very clearly doesn't press the "gas" on your brain, and that it only blocks a "primary" brake. ...

What's important to take away is that caffeine is not as simple in effect as a direct stimulant, such as amphetamines or cocaine; its effect on your alertness is far more subtle.
We've all had those days (and nights) when we simply can't go to bed just because we're tired. There's too much work to catch-up on, or we're finally out and socializing and don't want to be the loser that goes home at 10 PM. Turns out that caffeine may not be the miracle drug we thought it was - an interesting read on how to caffeine works and how to optimize it's performance for you. No joke - check it out.
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