Thursday, June 17, 2010

13 Takeaways from the IFP Narrative Lab (FilmMaker Magazine)

In case you're not familiar, IFP’s Independent Filmmaker Labs is a year-long fellowship that supports first-time feature directors through the rough cut/post production stage. Part of that year is a week of workshops and mentoring for 20 lucky projects (10 docs and 10 narratives).

This year's Narrative Lab just wrapped up and Scott Macaulay, one of the lab leaders, put together this great post. The 13 takeaways are listed here, but are expanded upon in the actual article (link below).
1. Understand Your Goals
2. Or... Make Sure Your Film Knows What It Is
3. Make the Best Film You Can
4. Make Your Title Compelling to an Audience
5. Bring on Board a Producer of Marketing and Distribution
6. Know How Your Audience Receives Information
7. Delivery is a Nightmare — Start Early
8. Make Sure You Have the Time and Funds to Deliver Your Film
9. Know Thy Distribution Deal
10. Scrutinize a Distributor’s Marketing and Release Strategy
11. If You Have Your Own Strategy, Make Sure a Distributor Understands It
12. Play the Long Game
13. Don’t Become Bitter

Read the full article here. And if you want more info on the Lab program, click here.

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