Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pledging independence: AMC Theatres announces expanded programming initiative (Film Journal Intl.)

AMC Theatres announced detailed plans to give some 77 of its 299 theatres the independent edge thanks to “a year-round program of specialty films supported by a sustainable marketing program.” ...

AMC has now trademarked this latest initiative “AMC independent” and “AMCi” for short. While 60 screens across the U.S. and Canada will be playing art films every day, an additional 18 have been deemed “AMCi Friendly Screens” that “will offer art titles when product fits strategy.”
Part of me thinks this is reason to rejoice, and part of me worries that it'll take more than Quentin Tarantino to keep the old art house theatres in business if this program takes off. Is this a viable future for indie films, or will this be another case of chains driving out the Mom-and-Pops?

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