Monday, April 18, 2011

TONIGHT - John Leguizamo on Charlie Rose (Charlie Rose)

Ghetto Klown is the next chapter in John Leguizamo’s hugely popular personal and professional story. It follows in the unabashed, uncensored, and uninhibited tradition of his Mambo Mouth, Spic-O-Rama, Freak, and Sexaholix…a Love Story. In Leguizamo’s trademark style, the piece explodes with energy, leading audiences on a fever-pitch adventure and heating up the stage with vivid accounts of where he’s been and the colorful characters who have populated his life. Leguizamo takes audiences from his adolescent memories in Queens to the early days of his acting career during the outrageous 80s avant-garde theatre scene, and on to the sets of major motion pictures and his roles opposite some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Leguizamo explains, “Ghetto Klown is all the things I say to my therapist and my manager, but would NEVER want the general public to know. It’s cheaper than a lawsuit and I get to take a bow at the end. It’s like Wikileaks but with no international manhunt. Yet.”
I've never quite been on the Leguizamo wagon - no reason why, particularly - but perhaps I should be. The show is getting great reviews. He'll be chatting with Charlie Rose tonight (Monday). In case you miss it, you can watch it online tomorrow.

Ghetto Klown's website is here.
Watch the show online here.

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