Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bruce Campbell on the horror franchise that launched his career: 'All roads lead to "Evil Dead" ' (LA Times)

I also feel that they're handmade in a way. I'm not making a judgment call on whether the movies are good or bad. I think they're not stamped out by a studio. They're slightly weirder stories with an off-kilter lead character. It doesn't make for mainstream success, but I think it makes for long-term success. "Evil Dead" was successful when it came out, "Evil Dead II" was in profit before we even made the movie, and "Army of Darkness" was a flat-out bomb. But now, it's on American Movie Classics, so go figure. Twenty years later, it's a classic. Last time I remember it was a bomb.
It's crazy to think that the "Evil Dead" franchise started almost 30 years ago - 1981 !! - when most assistants in Hollywood weren't even born yet! But it's a classic for a reason, and it's fun to read about the making of the films from someone who was there from day one. Plus, I just love Bruce Campbell - he's pretty much my favorite part of "Burn Notice." (Must be the mojitos.)
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