Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Generation Me - Are We in a Narcissism Epidemic? (Newsweek)

But no matter how you were raised, the handiest cure for narcissism used to be life. Whether through fate, circumstances or moral imperative, our culture kept hubris in check. Now, we encourage it. ... Treating the whole world as if it works for you doesn't suggest you're special, it means you're an ass.
This article is actually from an old issue of Newsweek (I'm finally getting around to my Spring cleaning) but it's still 100% relevant. Not so much because I think we are all narcissistic asses, but because Hollywood has influence on the hubris-checking culture mentioned above. And I'd guess about 99% of biz bosses firmly believe the world works for them. The industry is certainly not the only culprit, but change has to start somewhere, right?
Read the full article here.

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