Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don’t Go Down In Fame: 5 Warnings Signs You’re Too Ambitious (Brazen Careerist)

What’s so important about being “the best?” Sure, I might be able to define my pond narrowly enough to claim I’m the best scientific poet under 40 east of the Mississippi, but does that really get me any closer to a happier, more meaningful life? When ambition and mastery become the goal instead of a pleasant by-product, you’re on the fast track to burn-out and disappointment. ...

Five Warning Signs Your Ambition May Be Out of Control:
1. You often feel overwhelmed.
2. You're constantly comparing yourself to others.
3. You don't have time for vacation.
4. You feel entitled to rewards for your efforts.
5. You're starting to make moral compromises.
Aside from #4, I'd guess this describes many, many of the folks here in Hollywood. The post's title is perfect: "Going Down in Fame" - flaming out because the concentration is on fame, power and prestige rather than the end product. I'm counting on my "generation" of film folks to change this. Do you think it's possible?
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