Wednesday, July 7, 2010

5 iPhone Apps to Boost Your Business Creativity (Amex OPEN Forum)

The Idea Generator is dirt simple to use. It’s basically three concentric roulette wheels with randomized words. You shake your phone, the wheels spin, and you get three different concepts meant to jolt your thinking pattern and get you off-road a bit. I’ll do three spins right now.

Spin 1: comedic/aquatic/prayer. Spin 2 scary/syrupy/furniture. Spin 3: pre fab/destructive/cellphone. (no kidding!)
So many of us (myself included) feel like creativity should just be something that happens, like the lightbulb going on over our heads, and that using "tools" is somehow cheating. Using the other half of our brains, we can determine that this idea is just plain silly, and that we are all better off using any and all resources available to us. Here are five that fit the bill.
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