Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why Leaders Should Always Act Confident, Even When They Don't Really Know What They're Doing (Business Insider)

The best advice I can give bosses is to develop wisdom, to express confidence in their decisions (to sustain legitimacy and inspire people to action) and yet to keep doubting what they know and are doing in private and in backstage discussions with their trusted advisers. But my advice makes my own stomach turn a bit as, although it explains why our leaders are smart to bullshit us, and that it might even be for own good at times, it is still an argument for deception or at least exaggeration and less transparency.
I think this is just a fancy way of explaining my mantra: "Fake It 'Til You Make It." One day I woke up and realized - much to my surprise! - I did actually know what I was taking about. Within reason, of course.
The full article has some great links to related information, definitely worth checking out. Read it here.

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