Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where Will You Be in Five Years? (Harvard Business Review)

...You need to be prepared to do some serious introspection and consider parts of your life that you may not regularly think about. "It starts with a reflection on what you are good at and what you are not good at," says Weintraub. Far too many people spend time doing things they are not suited for or enjoy. Weintraub suggests you ask yourself three questions:

What are my values?
What are my goals?
What am I willing to do to get there?
The angle of this article is mostly about how to answer this question when it comes up in interviews or within a job setting. While that's important and certainly relevant, I actually think we could all benefit from thinking about our five-year-plans - there's no rule they have to be set in stone or inflexible, or even just about your career. Just mulling it over in your head for a little while will bring up questions and ideas that can help you better plan - and better enjoy - your life in big and small ways. You might be surprised where your future takes you.

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