Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hollywood's obsession with tiny women, big meals (Salon)

The illusion of a girl who wants your metaphoric meat is certainly more alluring than the reality of a girl who's ready to pass out because all she's had to eat today is half a grapefruit for fear that she'll blow that rom-com audition. ... But jeez, wasn't it bad enough when she was just supposed to look awesome in a bikini? Now she's supposed to look awesome in a bikini while unhinging her jaw over a blooming onion. ...

And how absurdly, stupidly hypocritical it is that if the same beautiful woman were to gain an ounce or two, that same public display of burger eating would be fair game for mockery.
These are a Salon writer's comments on a piece that ran in the NYT a couple of days ago ("For Actresses, Is a Big Appetite Part of the Show?"), and it's sad to say they're spot on. But more than that, why do we care what actors - actresses, really - are eating? The collective "we" need to get a life. Anywho, worth taking a look at both articles, and as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Read the full Salon article here.
Read the New York Times piece here.

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