Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It wasn't all bad news at the box office in 2010 (USA Today)

It would be easy to dismiss 2010 as a movie-theater year to forget.

Attendance at the cineplex dipped to its second-lowest number in 16 years. Ticket prices averaged nearly $8 a pop, the highest one-year spike on record. And worse, no movie ignited much water-cooler babble. ...

Still, there were a handful of bright spots in the 2010 slate. Adults found movies they would pay to see. Animation remained indestructible. And the most expensive forms of moviegoing, IMAX and 3-D, flourished.
Yeah yeah yeah, interesting stuff. Forgive me if I'm still stuck on the fact that the average ticket price is $8 - which means somewhere, tickets are a lot LESS than that since our exorbitant prices have to be balanced out.

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