Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Films of 2010

We all have our own Top Ten list of the best films of 2010 (please share yours in the comments!). How did yours stack up against the following sampling of major media "experts"?

AV Club's Top 15 List can be seen here. WINTER'S BONE tops their list.

Cinematical's list was voted on by their full staff, and can be found here. They give the #1 spot to BLACK SWAN.

You can check out CNN's Tom Charity's list of best and worst films here. His #1 is CARLOS, while his vote for worst film of the year goes to THE LAST AIRBENDER.

Roger Ebert's list is here. THE SOCIAL NETWORK is his #1 film of 2010.
- Ebert also has a list of the best animated films, and the best foreign films if you want to check those out.

IFC's list is here. They also have THE SOCIAL NETWORK at #1.

According to IMDB's rankings, moviegoers give their #1 spot to INCEPTION.

IndieWire's poll of numerous critics is here. Their #1 film is THE SOCIAL NETWORK.
- IndieWire's critics also voted on other Bests, including best undistributed film.

Stephen King ranks his best films for Entertainment Weekly and definitely stays true to his horror roots. His list is pretty different from all the others - you can check it out here. His #1 film is LET ME IN.

LA Weekly's list is here. As always, they take the alternative route - their #1 film is TRASH HUMPERS. Pretty sure I didn't see this one turn up on any of the other lists.

See the Los Angeles Times' critics' lists here and here. One splits his #1 vote between three films: INCEPTION, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, and TOY STORY 3, while the other puts THE SOCIAL NETWORK at #1.
- Both critics also do a list of Best Overlooked Films. Check those out here and here.

MetaCritic compiles a Top Film list based on other's lists, and can be seen here. So far, THE SOCIAL NETWORK is #1.

Movieline's three critics' lists are here, here, and here. One give Sofia Coppola's SOMEWHERE the #1 slot, one give it to TOY STORY 3, and the last doesn't rank his list.

The National Board of Review's awards and Top Ten list is here. They gave THE SOCIAL NETWORK their award as best film of the year.

A.O. Scott at The New York Times has a basic Best of list, but he also puts together a nice little list of Top Themes from 2010's films. Check them both out here. His #1 film is INSIDE JOB.

The New Yorker's list is here. Their #1 film of the year is SHUTTER ISLAND.

Newsweek's list can be found here. Their #1 film of 2010 is A PROPHET.

The NPR Newshour's Jeffrey Brown has a nice article on the best "Unsung Films" here.

For all intents and purposes, Rotten Tomatoes' best film of the year is TOY STORY 3. You'll see what I mean when you look at their list here.

Mick LaSalle at the San Francisco Chronicle provides us with three lists: His movie highs and lows plus his unranked top ten list (here), his "truly good" list (here), and his worst movies ( Peter Hartlaub is less prolific and simply gives us the high, low and top ten list (here). Hartlaub's #1 film is WINTER'S BONE, while LaSalle's worst is THE LAST AIRBENDER.

Time Magazine's list is here. They give their #1 spot to TOY STORY 3.

The Today Show's list of Best and Worst films of the year is here. They top their best list with #1 BLACK SWAN, and give THE BOUNTY HUNTER the #1 spot on their worst films list.

USA Today's list is here. They give the #1 spot to 127 HOURS.

The Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern's list is here. His #1 film is THE SOCIAL NETWORK.

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