Thursday, November 18, 2010

Veteran Producers Rethink the Indie Model (FilmMaker Magazine)

That doesn’t mean smart mid-budgeted films aren’t getting made. But they’re more dependent on independent support. [Kevin] Misher says he’s actually been able to make more movies with the help of non-studio financing.

So if indie equity players are stepping in, what’s the problem? For one, with domestic buyers scarce and international ones more discerning, budgets are dropping and top talent is essential. “There are ways to make specialized fare,” says Endgame’s James Stern, “but you have to do it for the right price and the right cast. What’s tricky is that you have people chasing a small pool of talent.”

Anonymous Content’s Paul Green agrees. “If you come to the market with a strong script, one or two movie stars and an internationally respected director, even with the absence of Paramount Vantage,” he says, “I think you’d still find a home. But it’s definitely threading the needle.”
Oh, that's all you need?! Easy as pie! Glad we got that cleared up.

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