Monday, November 1, 2010

Hollywood Reporter is being transformed to a weekly magazine (LA Times)

Beckman [the new CEO of the Reporter's parent company] thinks a lot of things about the Hollywood Reporter could be better. Since the private-equity-backed firm he leads acquired it ... [the trade] has been completely revamped. Former Us Weekly editor Janice Min was named editorial director, the staff has grown 50% to about 100 and next week the Reporter will replace its daily paper with a weekly glossy magazine. It's aimed at a wider swath of professionals interested in entertainment and intended to draw luxury advertisers that hope to reach them.

"What's happening is a result of the fact that the trades were a victim of their own neglect," said Min, who works in an undecorated office off the Reporter's newsroom in the Mid-Wilshire district. "It has been an industry press not commensurate in stature to the industry itself."
I'm damn curious to see how this turns out. Epic fail or Entertainment Weekly 2.0? What do you think?

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