Friday, October 29, 2010

DGA Interview: Ridley Scott (DGA Quarterly)

On Robin Hood, to get the beach scene at the end in nine days, we had to have up to 18 cameras. The beach is a mile long and the boats are pegged out between where the effects will begin. I've only got eight boats, but coming in digitally there will be 400 French ships. I've got 125 horsemen, but digitally there will be 400 horsemen. On the top of the cliff, I've only got 200 archers, but on the cliff top there will be 1,000 archers. But there is no cliff. It was sea, beach, dune, and farmland. That cliff was brilliantly put in on every shot by the visual effects company. I boarded that out and realized I needed 18 cameras. We had nine days to shoot this when we should have had, in my opinion, four weeks. But I said, give me the cameras, we'll be through in nine days, and we got through in nine days.
A fairly in-depth interview with Ridley Scott. He talks about how he got involved in film and then touches on a number of his major films. Love him or hate him, how many directors are there that get the OK for 18 cameras? Not many, which is why it's worth the read.

Read the full article here.

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