Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Would You Pay $50 to Watch a Movie at Home 30 Days After Release? (Cinematical)

The proposal is this: For $50, you can watch a movie at home 30 days after it opened in theaters. Wait another 30 days and pay only $25. ...

Do you think 50 bucks is a good deal for this? I wonder if family films would be more successful with this model. A trip to the movies for Mom, Dad, and the kids can easily cost $50 anyway, and is often a harrowing ordeal involving babysitters, tantrums, and meltdowns. ... Single people and young couples, on the other hand, don't spend half a Benjamin at the movies, and they also tend to be the ones most eager to see something within its first couple weeks of release. I don't know if this plan will fly with them, unless they have a really sweet home-theater system and really, really hate cinema audiences..
I am in total agreement with the author regarding how this plan could be received by different segments of the audience, but overall, I kind of hate this idea. Movies are MOVIES, not to be confused with (two-hour long) TELEVISION shows. I could go on and on about the "magic," the memories, and the meaning of seeing films in theatres, but instead I'll just ask -- What do you guys think?
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