Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Sons of Anarchy' star Charlie Hunnam on Jax's rough ride (Chicago Tribune)

These guys that live this, they've got 40 people to rely on. Most of us in our lives, we have one or two people we can call if the going gets really rough. Maybe you call on your family or a couple of dear friends. My friends that live this life, they have 40, 50, 60 guys that they can count on for anything at any time. It's kind of a beautiful thing. It's kind of a nice, dysfunctional community these guys have set up for themselves. ...

Even if some of the behavior is questionable, the founding values that these clubs are set up on are really admirable. And also, it's just sticking a finger up to the man. You have to have freedom. I just think the whole world is getting gentrified and generic. Everyone's living the same kind of existence. I really admire these guys for saying, "Fuck it. I'm going to live the way life makes sense to me." Within that world, it does get a little nasty and people get hurt. But for the most part, you can do whatever the hell you want.
SONS OF ANARCHY returns Sept. 7 and I cannot wait! This is a very good interview with the show's star Charlie Hunnam, and includes links to interviews the author did with numerous other cast members, as well as the show's creator, Kurt Sutter. Definitely worth checking out.
Read the full article here.

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