Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emmy Roundtable - Party of Six (Newsweek)

Emmy-nominated actors Matthew Fox, Christina Hendricks, Eric Stonestreet, Bryan Cranston, Connie Britton, and Chris Colfer discuss their worst first gigs, most embarrassing moments, and behind-the-scenes secrets, like how 'Lost' really ended. ...

Cranston: That’s a very common thing that you hear from the civilian population. They think that there’s an actual destination, that every actor going into this business wants and needs to be a star. For me, that was never the case. All I cared about was to be a working actor.

Britton: And even the differentiation between film and television. That was always a thing, and still to some degree is. You know, “Oh, well, you know, it’s really about film,” or whatever. But for me it’s really about doing something that I’m just having the best time doing.

Hendricks: It’s funny, the assumption that’s like, “You’ve reached this amount of success with your television career, so naturally now you want to do movies.”

Fox: I think there’s so much better stuff going on in television than there is in film. They’re taking a lot more chances in television. They don’t have to put so many fannies in the seats, so there are more brave things happening on television, more interesting and new ideas..
I've always loved Newsweek's awards roundtables, and this one is no exception. Especially since they had the good sense to include Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights). Enjoy!
Read the full article here.
Watch a video of the complete conversation here.

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