Friday, July 9, 2010

Don’t Give Up on M. Night Shyamalan (New York Magazine)

All that is tepid compared to the hate expressed in comment threads and message boards. Some never liked the guy in the first place, while others feel betrayed. Either way, no filmmaker nowadays — not Michael Bay, not Brett Ratner, not Joel Schumacher, not even Uwe-freaking-Boll — seems to prompt this kind of visceral, personal loathing. Which is a shame, because Shyamalan was once a rare talent — a director who could make serious, somber, and suspenseful dramas about grief that spoke to mass audiences.
An interesting counterview to the current negative feelings about M. Night. I don't have a particularly strong opinion of him, I agree with the writer that it would be nice for the director to get his mojo back and make a good film. Setting aside all the "I see dead people" jokes, you have to admit "The Sixth Sense" was a kick-ass flick. (On a personal note, I do disagree with the author on one point - Ratner makes me want to puke infinitely more than Shyamalan does.)
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