Thursday, July 8, 2010

Begun, The Digital Age of Comics Has (NPR)

Marvel has gone out of its way to assure parsimonious fans (and nervous retailers) that today's experiment is just that, and that they're still figuring things out, particularly when it comes to pricing. DC, on the other hand, has signaled that they're prepared to barrel ahead, even hinting that several series will be going the same-day-download route soon.
I guess my only surprised is that anyone is still surprised by this. This is no different than the e-book/Kindle revolution - it's just happening later since comics fans had to wait until a device could show graphics in color. I'm not a huge comics reader but would definitely be interested in checking out some of the classic books I've missed, and am certainly more likely to do so on an iPad than head down to my local comics shop. You?
Begun, The Digital Age of Comics Has : NPR

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