Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Selling Mel Gibson's "Beaver" (Huffington Post)

Remember the Forgetting Sarah Marshall wild postings from a couple years back? The ones written in faux Sharpie that were everywhere and said "I Hate You Sarah Marshall," etc. A similar concept could apply to The Beaver and Mel Gibson. I'm imagining billboards, wild posts, and web banners, with copy lines like "Mel Gibson Put His Foot In His Beaver Again," "Mel Gibson Likes Beaver More Than Jews," "Mel Gibson is a Beaver Face," "Mel Gibson = Huge Beaver," "Mel Gibson Sucks Beaver," etc. Maybe I still think like a 14-year old going through puberty, but these would get my attention. If there was ever a movie meant to aggressively appeal to the lowest common denominator, it's Mel Gibson's The Beaver right now.
I understand Schwartz' thinking here, but honestly I'd rather see Summit pull this movie altogether. Obviously, I know that will never happen. There's money to be made, and money trumps all! And every other studio and/or distributor would do the same thing. Disgusting.
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