Thursday, June 24, 2010

Will 'Inception' Be Too Smart for Audiences? (Cinematical)

Wait, are we too dumb for a high concept-movie like Inception? Aren't we waiting -- haven't we been begging -- to be treated like adults at the movies? Aren't the box office numbers of this summer any indication of how frustrated movie-goers are with sequels and the same old stuff? Doesn't anyone think that the very name of Nolan will bring in the crowds, even if we're too, you know, dumb to understand the final product?
The best kinds of movies make your gears turn for long after the credits roll, and the even better kind will bring viewers back for a second or third viewing in the theater and on DVD.
The question posed in the title of this post infuriates me, and my response is a big fat "ditto" of the quote above.
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