Tuesday, June 22, 2010

To Run A Business Better, Rethink Its Playscript (Forbes)

If your company's strategy were presented as a play, would anyone come?

My recent research suggests that companies should develop their strategies by writing descriptions of the logic, storylines, decisions and motives behind what they do and who they do it with. Executives shouldn't only draw and analyze maps or plot numbers on a chart; they should create what I call a "playscript," a narrative that sets out the cast of characters in their industry and how they're connected, the rules they observe, the plots and subplots they're involved in, and how they create and retain value as the drama develops and the cast changes.
I'm all for tackling new areas in ways that are already familiar, and I think this article makes some good and important points. But... Do you think this would work for companies that deal with "playscripts" all day, every day (i.e. studios, production companies, et al)?
Read the full article here.

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