Thursday, June 24, 2010

Take Back Your Lunch and Transform Your Day (Harvard Business Review)

Sixty per cent of 1200 respondents told us they took less than 20 minutes a day for lunch. Twenty per cent took less than 10 minutes. One quarter said they never left their desks at all. ...
At the most practical level, leaving the office for lunch is an opportunity to relax, let go of whatever stresses you've accumulated during the morning, and return to work feeling more energized, more focused and more engaged in the afternoon.
Sound familiar? I know many of us feel like we can't leave our offices since our bosses don't. But don't forget - you are LEGALLY entitled to a lunch break. Simply tell The Man you're stepping out for lunch and head out the door - don't give them the option to say no. If that doesn't work for you, show him/her this article, and remind them they didn't go to Harvard (unless they did, and then you're only recourse is to mumble an apology and schlep back to your cubicle.)
Read the quick article here.

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