Friday, June 25, 2010

New ideas vie with old for piece of Hollywood pie (AP)

So why does Hollywood keep coming back to the same old things? Simple. It pays better.

Most of the movies that draw colossal audiences are based on something that existed before. Familiarity sometimes can breed contempt as audiences tire of characters, but it's generally easier to get fans to buy tickets for the latest in a continuing saga.

Studios are not likely to change their ways unless they sense that audiences would rather see new things over the tried and true.

"It really is up to the audience and critics. A lot of people jump on Hollywood for that, but the truth is, if they'll come, we'll make them," said producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.
Are you noticing a trend? Lots and lots of articles about Hollywood's lack of originality these days. Sounds like di Bonaventura is at least aware - now if he could just get the other power players to open their eyes.
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