Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Miramax and Ron Tutor at Turning Point: Cash, or Bail (+ David Bergstein? Really?) (The Wrap)

How bad does the building magnate want it? That essentially is the question, and it is the same one faced by another L.A. billionaire, Ron Burkle, a few weeks ago.

In his case, the answer was: not bad enough.

The Walt Disney Company had sought $700 million for the 700-film Miramax library, leaving the fate of modern Hollywood gems from “Pulp Fiction” to “Shakespeare in Love” hanging in the balance.
What I really want to know is how David Bergstein convinced yet another person to back him?! This is a man that has literally been called a criminal by people who have worked with him and who has a seriously lousy track record. He is thought to have paid his gambling debts with company funds - and it's not just the casinos he owes. In fact, in a previous article, Sharon Waxman wrote this about DB:
I was not joking when I wrote recently that Bergstein is one of the most despised people in Hollywood, having left everyone from gaffers to publicists to actors chasing after him to get paid.
How does someone like this continue to get second (and third and fourth and fifth) chances?

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Anonymous said...

If Sharon really knew what she was talking about, she would know that Bergstein is merely a advisor/consultant and is a friend of the "building magnet".