Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday's Query Letter from Hell

As mentioned a couple of days ago, every week I'm going to post one of the millions of awful query letters we receive. This one was sent in by [name withheld by request], who notes "I'm of the belief that if you spell writing "writeing" you can't really call yourself a writer." I think we'd all agree. Without further ado, here is the first in the ongoing series, Query Letters from Hell. (All spelling and punctuation are original to the writer.)
Hello My name is [name deleted for their own good]. I am a Writer i do it small time. I have a script well its part of my book ive been writeing and im wondering If it has the protental to be produced into a TV series. The book is called Stinger i havent really decieded on a name so for now i call it Stinger. It is about a assasin in 21st centry canada. Who Is working for a goverment agentcy and is order to kill The leading mafia Crime family in canada. She goes though with the Killings but Takes in the Godfathers son Who was not involed in any crimes, She takes him in as a follower. Overtime they fall in love and have to overcome many blockades in their relationship. I have attached A Copy of the First chapter. I am still working on the storyline so It is bound to change. I also may have missed some spelling but im working on it .

thanks for reading and i am sorry if this is a waste of your time i am aware that [your company] is low on funds and will be cuting back on projects so i am aware that their is a low chance of this going well..

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Note to [name withheld by request], the red squiggly line under the word means you misspelled it.