Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Disney, Celador Rest; 'Millionaire' Case Goes to Jury (The Wrap)

Celador, which first filed suit in 2004, alleges that Disney, ABC, Buena Vista Television and Valleycrest Production conducted a series of slippery deals and secret arrangements that saw the “Millionaire” creators left short hundreds of millions in expected revenues and profits from the hugely successful American version of the game show...
Judge Virginia Phillips called the case a “dispute about a contract” when the trial started almost a month ago In the process, however, the trial has become an investigation into the often shadowy world of Hollywood accounting.
Ah, the shady accounting of Hollywood - I just love it! Almost as much as I love Ben Silverman, who was the WMA agent in the middle of this deal. (That is, not at all.)
Read the full article here.

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