Thursday, June 17, 2010

Betty White reflects on a golden career (LA Times / Archive of American Television)

Betty White is one of the true pioneers of television, making her debut on the nascent medium in 1939. More than seven decades on and she remains a star of the small screen, headlining a new sitcom, "Hot in Cleveland," which debuted to record ratings for TV Land Wednesday night.

White was interviewed in 1997 by the Archive of American Television, an offshoot of the foundation of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. ... In part one of this five-part interview, the actress discusses her early days in radio and television and her first Emmy win. See the other parts at the archive website.
I know the reviews for HOT IN CLEVELAND haven't been so hot, but TV Land sure is on fire. Personally, I think to know Betty is to love Betty - more often than not, she steals every scene, whether it's a sitcom, a feature, or even a game show (she's brilliant on "Password" - no lie!)
Take a look at the LA Time's article here, and the rest of the interview clips here.

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